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Artykuły o nas

O nas

At Eltel, we are proud to call ourselves doers - people who combine knowledge and expertise with a very hands-on attitude to work. Leading the development of the Infranet industry, we are constantly growing.
Eltel utilises an effective interplay between electricity, telecom and IT to create a new and emerging intelligent infrastructure called the Infranet. Building, connecting and caring for Infranet solutions allows Eltel to contribute to the sustainable development of society. Eltel provides technical services to the Infranet industry through its three business segments Power, Communication and many others.

Eltel Networks GSS Gdansk is a part of Eltel Networks Group. GSS was established in June 2016. Since then we constantly continue to grow and develop ourselves as well as the working environment around us.

Our office in Gdansk supports country offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany in the fields of finance and travel & expenses process . Accounting is one of the main areas of expertise in GSS. Multiple professionals are performing tasks in Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay and Record-to-Report departments. In our newly established office employees have a chance to shape the working environment around them and actively participate in decision – making process. We value their opinion and support proactive attitude.

Our key features are:

- Multicultural environment
- Experienced professionals
- Challenging tasks and fulfilling job content
- Constant development and growth possibilities
- Friendly atmosphere within teams and among colleagues

Feel free to contact us and get to know more information about Eltel Networks GSS Gdansk via: www.eltelnetworks.com

If you want to get more insights on our everyday life in the office check out the Facebook web-page below: http://bit.ly/2CZSXPz

If you would like to know learn more about our corporate news, follow our LinkedIn page: https://pl.linkedin.com/company/eltel-networks

                              We hope you will join soon our world of doers!