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not qualified people and bad service

This was really a waste of my money. My own frame damaged and need new glasses. They could not repare the fram and advised a new set and also advised new glasses for use with computer. After getting the glasses, I could not see good. they checked and made mistake. Second attempt it was still not good. Third attempt they measured my old glasses and still not good. They even could not made glasses close to my old one. response from the expoert is that the old glasses can change in time. The glasses for computer also was not good. They made it for reading a book. I don't sit so close to a pc. Later I went to my own Optyk. they repared my frame and placed glasses without costs. 2 glasses I don't use and really a waste of all the money. I would give zero star, but that's not possible. For professional glasses, go somewhere else.

  • Alfred deGroot
  • Termin skorzystania z usługi: lipiec 2018
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