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Świetny zespół, pomocy i troskliwy.

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On Wednesday, June 21st of 2017 the driver of the ambulance Wolffmed threw on me his truck and turned on the emergency horn right next to me right out side the building where we live in Zaspa, I claimed at him what the F$%@k was he doing, all these happened in front of my wife and (child both polish citizens). the driver stoped his truck and he began calling racist names and making monkey sounds, due to I don’t speak polish that well I was not aware of those comments until my wife told me that, my wife questioned the driver about his behavior and he got worst with the racist remarks. I have to admit I was very angry about this and I replied with rage , after the incident we went to the and made a police report. While all these was happening the co-pilot of the ambulance mention that they had a patient on board, in my mind how stupid can the driver be to assault me having a patient in the ambulance. the driver shouldn’t be driving and this company should taken out business. I already started legal actions against the company and the driver, they will hear from my lawyers soon. Say No to Racism! Zero Tolerance. Racism is another kind of Terrorism.

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  • Termin skorzystania z usługi: czerwiec 2017
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