Lufthansa Systems Poland

80-309 Gdańsk, al. Grunwaldzka 415
(IX oraz X piętro)
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O nas

Lufthansa Systems is a recognized provider of Information technology mainly used in the aviation industry, but also in the financial and logistics sector. Over the years, we have been making effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products.
Since 1998 the number of Lufthansa Systems employees has continued to grow, which is confirmed by more than 700 employees in Gdansk. Guided by the principle of the highest standards of work and quality of our products, we create systems giving uninterrupted access to the map database and navigation data, which support work of pilots in the cockpit.

At Lufthansa Systems our goal is to make flying even safer, more efficient and more comfortable. We digitalize the airline industry by supporting all processes of an airline, from network and route planning, over booking and revenue management systems to navigation and entertainment systems on board. We do this by developing, implementing and maintaining high-quality software applications - so that the best and safest digital solutions are available, from the pilot to the traveler. More than 350 customers rely on our technological expertise and well-founded airline know-how.
We are also a recognized provider for the financial and logistic sector and additionally we provide outsourcing services allowing our customers optimize the cost associated with creation and expansion of their own IT departments.
Quality, people, and working environment are values that we believe in in Lufthansa Group corporate culture. Exchange of experience and cooperation are important for us. Working in Lufthansa Systems Poland gives you the opportunity to develop and broaden your own horizons through the implementation of international projects in the aviation, logistics, and financial sector.
We always put quality and safety first!
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